Saturday, 16 July 2011

Creating Memorable, Personal Art – Canvas Printing UK

Wall art provides a personal window to individual tastes and offers a visual representation of the hobbies, interests and vision of beauty of the owner. Hanging paintings or photographs is an ideal way to personalise rooms or express a creative flair. What better way to pay honorable tribute to the places, moments, and people who have the most influence in a person's life?

While this may seem a difficult, costly and time-consuming undertaking at first, transferring a photo to canvas is easy for a reputable canvas and wall art company. When seeking canvas prints UK is the leader in this arena. A wealth of experience and cutting edge technology enables UK photo canvas printing to implement brilliant canvases of digital or traditional photos. The company can also use scanned photos from long past events and memorialised loved ones as the inspiration for stunning canvases that will catch the attention of all who see them.

Want to design a unique, novel centrepiece for a lounge room? Need a vibrant, intriguing feature to hang on the walls of a business? Looking to preserve a beautiful family portrait or a favorite snapshot of a beloved pet? Photo to canvas printing is the answer to all of these dilemmas. Using the highest quality canvas and frames makes a personal photo look flawless. By utilizing fade-resistant inks, the art work is guaranteed to last for 75 years. Hand-finished canvases and additional safeguarding to protect the piece at every step including delivery promises the epitome of wall art at extremely reasonable costs.

The expense of photo to canvas transfer is flexible and makes this an accessible option for all budgets. With a variety of sizes of canvases, depth of frame, and colour or black and white options, cheap canvas prints can be a small inexpensive but quality present or an elaborate, substantial display. No matter how expansive or cozy the space, a photo to canvas print will provide the appropriate accent needed.

For canvas prints UK has extensive choices that cater to every preference. Artistic design is not limited to a single canvas or straightforward colour or black and white styles. Triptics, color washes, retro styles, and other special treatments can be employed to create a specific look. Take photos of London’s Big Ben, the Birmingham Canals, Coventry Cathedral, Leeds Castle or the birthplace of Liverpool’s Beatles and decorate a flat, house, or business in style.

Offering the highest calibre of personalised artwork available, photo canvas printing perpetuates priceless memories, historic events, and incredible holidays. Whether purchasing a canvas for an extraordinary gift, to commemorate significant occasions, or simply as a beautiful highlight for everyday walls, photo to canvas printing will never disappoint and will exceed expectations.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Canvas printing research and history.

Canvas printing is a term used to describe the combination of modern printing technology onto the archival material of canvas. It is a specialised process that turns digital artwork into traditional framed artwork. Following the digital process of producing artwork from photographic imagery or digital art to cotton canvas material, the canvas is then stretched over gallery framing bars. Some may even be wrapped around the frame, allowing the image to continue or reflect over the side edges of the canvas.

Over the last few years canvas printing has been revolutionised by the introduction of digital online printing providers. Things that were not possible in the past are readily available now. Even better, those features or techniques that used to drive up the cost and take weeks of production time have now been dramatically reduced because of improved technology.

Canvas prints take advantage of modern printing technology such as giclee to enhance and optimise the quality of the images or photographs provided. Giclee is the description given for fine art digital prints made on ink-jet printers. This process is the chosen application for quality canvas printing producers. The name originally applied to fine art prints created on IRIS printers in a process invented in the late 1980s but has since come to mean any high quality ink-jet print and is often used by canvas companies and print shops to produce quality canvas prints.

The quality of the materials used in canvas printing will make a major difference to the printed image. Canvas printing material can come in varying styles, textures, thickness and weight. Digital inkjet canvas is normally available in matt, satin or gloss finishes. The style of the canvas material is down to personal taste but the coated satin and gloss material will offer an enhanced colour and brightness reproduction.

The finish to any art or presentation product can make the difference from an average creation to a stunning piece of art. The contrast and colour of the canvas printing is the visual importance which must be required but the finish of the art is what provides the difference between good and great decorative art.

There are many styles of stretcher bars available on the market but aim for pine bars which are hinged. This allow the frames to expand after the canvas print has been mounted, this means if your canvas print ever goes saggy over time you can re-stretch it without having to take it off the frame.

The final stage in the process of canvas printing is the application of lacquer. Not all digital online photo to canvas companies offer this finishing enhancement, so chose carefully when purchasing. With SimpleCanvas the lacquer is applied with a spray gun and compressor to ensure an even coverage and finish like no other. Our canvas prints will have a typical authentic and traditional look but also a slight 'glisten' when the light catches the print.

At our workshop in Wolverhampton, West Midlands our canvases are made from the highest quality canvas printing technology, very commonly preferred among professional artists, photographers and digital designers. Canvas prints are artistry at its finest and with the digital advantage of canvas printing, we at SimpleCanvas can provide a brilliant method of preservation and creation that will withstand the test of time.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Canvas Art Gift Ideas for Christmas

Personal photos are some of the most popular gifts that you can give to family or friends on any gift giving occasion, and are especially nice when turned into canvas prints. Because of the degree of personalization possible, parents, grandparents and loved ones will be delighted by a gift that was made with only them in mind. Despite the incredibly unique idea, it is not hard to transfer photo to canvas, nor is the cost very high, so anyone can afford to give this great gift.

This Christmas consider canvas printing for everyone in your life, because it is a gift idea that can be suited to every personal taste. The photography, subject, size and more can be customized to each person, wall and room because you decide how your gift will be created. For a specific person, the best photo to canvas designs are those that reflect their personal tastes interests, or come from their personal photo collection. Shutterbugs will be delighted to see their photography ready to hang on their walls, grandparents will be touched by art sized wall hangings of their own children and design enthusiasts will become excited by the graphic possibilities.

Canvas printing has been revolutionized in the last five years, so things that were not possible in the past are readily available now. Even better, those features or techniques that used to drive up the cost of canvas prints have now been drastically reduced because of improved technology. As a customer all you really need to do is provide the photo that you want turned into art and then chose the specifics in regards to the size of your canvas.

If you do not have any readily available art or photos that you would like to see in the form of canvas art, you can still select Christmas gifts using images that are provided free of charge. Everything from landscapes to portrait photography to digitized images can be customized. Photo to canvas is an appropriate and ideal Christmas gift for everyone on your shopping list this year. The best part, you can have all your Christmas shopping done in a single evening without having to leave the comfort of your home and the recipients will be left thinking that your gift is the best thing they have received in years.