Friday, 16 July 2010

Photo to Canvas

Do you have a favourite photograph you'd like transferred from photo to canvas?

All you do is choose the size canvas you'd like, decide if you want the canvas printing in square or rectangular form, and then click on the frame depth needed. That's all you have to do to turn your photograph into the quality canvas prints that you desire.

Cropping and re-sizing are included in the standard price for photo to canvas orders. Stretching and framing are also included. The canvas printing ordered is returned to you in a ready to hang condition.

Photo to canvas artwork may need that extra attention or special service. For those canvas prints that need enhancement, Simple Canvas offers fine art treatments so your canvas art can become extraordinary.

Black and white artwork can make a statement in your home that a coloured print may not have. The stark effect of black and white can turn a beautiful photograph into a stunning work of art on canvas. The clarity that a lack of colour can bring to a photograph is often amazing in how it changes the whole picture. It is a clean and simple look that appeals to the senses.

Retro is also another style that is much in favour in homes. The style appeals to art lovers on many levels and having your photograph placed on canvas in this fashion can add impact and boldness to an otherwise quiet room.

Pop art, colour wash, triptic, tiny wash, and colourize are other styles that you may want to envision for your favourite photo to canvas art work. Any of these fine art treatments may enhance the beauty of your photo to canvas for your viewing enjoyment.

Family portraits, group pictures, landscapes, and architectural designs all transfer well from photographs to canvas prints. All you need to do is choose a size and style for your photo and it can be turned into a work of art on canvas. Your vision of what a photo can be in the hands of a professional designer can equal a personal art form that will transform any room of your home into a stylish and fashionable interior.

Whether you are completely happy with your photograph and require standard service or would like to find out more about special designer services, you can be sure that your canvas printing will be the perfect complement to any room in your home.

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