Saturday, 18 September 2010

Photo to Canvas Prints with

Many people are constantly in search of new, beautiful ways to display their photographs inside their homes. Standard frames and mats are good options, but there is another, often overlooked, type of photographic display that can add an element of class and style to any home. The transfer of a photo to canvas allows one to have any photograph printed on a high-quality canvas for display. offers a variety of styles and sizes of canvas prints from photographs. Whether one would like to display a photo of his family, vacation, or a beautiful landscape, Simple Canvas has an elegant solution. Digital artists work to transform the photograph into a beautiful work of art before canvas printing occurs. There are a host of artistic options available in order to customize each photograph.

Black and white treatment is a classic option that many prefer when it comes to portraits. A photo to canvas print in black and white makes a beautiful addition to any home decor. Other colour alteration options include colour wash, tint wash, and colourize. Colour wash is an excellent option for making the focal point of a photograph pop. The color in the background is desaturated, increasing the interest level in the subject of the photograph. This is an excellent option for a portrait or action print. A tint wash is wonderful for matching an already existent home decor. The original colour is desaturated and a wash of a new, complimentary colour is added. Colourization is a dramatic effect in which details are strengthened and new color is added. Any of these options makes for beautiful canvas prints.

Other artistic options are also available for canvas printing from photographs. The artbrush and pop art options both alter the image in order to remove distracting backgrounds and create artistic interest within the content. Triptic alteration divides a photo into three panels. This is a beautiful way to break up a large photograph, especially a panoramic landscape. The retro option recreates the photo numerous times, assigning a different colour wash to each image. This is a lovely, artistic style reminiscent of Andy Warhol's pop art.

With numerous style and size options, any photograph can be transformed to fit flawlessly into a home's decor. Most importantly, canvases are easy to hang and look beautiful and elegant while on display. Transforming photographs into lovely canvas prints is as easy as visiting

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