Wednesday, 29 September 2010

How to Decorate Your Home In Style With Canvas Prints

For those who want high quality canvas prints, and can't afford a Jackson Pollock, Chagall, or even many unknown painters, now you can adorn your walls with gallery-quality photo to canvas art for relatively cheap. How does it work? We can take your personal photographs, as well as photos of movie legends, sunsets, skylines, etc. and turn them into 30 x 30 cm, up to 120 x 120 cm art pieces on premium canvas. For much less than it would set you back buying a gallery painting, you can choose the images you'd like indelibly etched on a canvas printing, and custom create your own personal art gallery/home interior design!

With our photos to canvas services, you can mount photograph-quality works on a wide variety of canvas sizes, which forever preserve your most prized images. We take both digital files and actual photographs, and make a work of art out of them. Imagine walking into a room adorned with your favorite photographs, only on premium canvas utilizing the very latest photo to canvas printing technology! Canvas printing also makes a wonderful gift as well, and we offer gift vouchers for just such occasions.

You can receive your prints within 5 working days, and quicker if it's more urgent. Our prints have a 75-year color quality guarantee, meaning the full sharpness of both hue and image are retained for that period. We feature both standard and designer services, and can also mount your most beloved images on frame sizes of either 2 cm or 5cm deep. Your prints are packed and shipped in bubble wrap and highly durable packaging, and sent by insured courier to your door.

Won't one of your friends or loved ones enjoy having one of their prized photo album pictures turned into a marvelously sharp and colorful photo to canvas image of a favorite scene or treasured remembrance? We think you'll be impressed with our quality service and fast turnaround time. Just check out the customer feedback section on our website, and read for yourself the glowingly positive feedback we're getting!

Buying other people's art on canvas is not only cost-prohibitive, but you can't choose the images which will adorn your walls as your own private gallery paintings. Why not pick your favorite photos and personalize your art collection with the Simple Canvas solution? Decorate your home in style, with premium quality canvas prints of family, friends, scenes of natural beauty, or other image--guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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