Monday, 25 October 2010

Childhood Memories Captured on Canvas

Small children can have big dreams. Perhaps you were one of them. Then you grew up and the dream became a memory. Breakthrough technology in photo to canvas printing techniques is making the capturing of those dreams and memories more accessible than ever before.

Over a century ago, Oscar Wilde wrote that 'life imitates art.' Today life can be art. Photographs from real life can be made into canvas prints, stretched on pinewood frames, and hung on a wall. A memorable snapshot of your life becomes museum quality Giclée artwork. Happy memories are a gift that you can give to yourself.

In a world that seems to grow more global by the year, it is the intimate personalised memories that compose the most meaningful art. Most people already have memories caught on film that would that would be a good subject for canvas printing, perhaps a first day at school or a holiday by the sea. Other families are making memories now, like the birth of a baby or a triumphant sport win, that are ideal pictures for preserving as canvas prints. Either way, whether looking back at old memories or preserving the present so that it will be remembered in the future, photo to canvas wall art is a fantastic way of keeping events that are close to your heart always before your eyes.

Some customers like the stark realism of putting their photo to canvas just the way the picture was originally taken. This style works especially well for group photos or landscapes taken on holiday, weekend trips to London, cultural breaks in Edinburgh or lazy days in the Lake District. At other times, a customer may wish to enhance a photo or add a special effect before the canvas printing. Designer service options can make an ordinary subject truly remarkable.

For instance, in the absence of colour, a black and white canvas print will accentuate line and form. Tint washes and colourizing techniques can cast a rosy glow on your memories or envelope them in a misty haze. Digital graphic manipulation processes can give a photo a brushed or mottled impression that leaves it to imagination to fill in the details.

Precious memories deserve to be preserved with quality materials and craftsmanship. Look for acid free canvas and UV pigmented inks. Hinged frames keep the canvas memoirs from sagging. A lacquer finish preserves them and makes it easier to remove dust.

Any childhood memory, big or small, can fit on canvas prints.

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