Sunday, 8 August 2010

Artistry in Canvas Prints: Pop Art to Colour Wash

Canvas printing adds just the right design edge whether it is pop art or a colour wash. Whether it is a piece of favourite artwork or photographs depicting a life story, these prints show the pride someone takes in whom they are or what they have accomplished. The same can be said for the talented designers who excel in the art form.

Canvas prints is a term used to describe the combination of modern printing technology onto the archival material of canvas. It is a specialized process that turns digital designers into art historians and artisans. Once printed, the canvas is then stretched over gallery framing bars. Some may even be wrapped around the frame, allowing the image to continue or reflect over the side edges of the canvas.

The process was first popularized in pop art by Andy Warhol in the sixties and the ensuing decades have brought perfection to this art form. Many of the prints are preserved using a giclee or spray lacquer that leaves a slight glistening effect, making the colours appear more vibrant and the image sharper.

Conversion of a photo to canvas has become more and more popular in the last decade. Old-fashioned photographs or portraits can be preserved by digital scanning and then converted to canvas prints. Not only are these precious memories preserved, they are enhanced by digital processes to last for generations.

Printing on canvas is vastly different from any poster or collage put together with glue and old photographs. There is a highly skilled process by which designers create the piece using inks specifically manufactured to bleed deep into the canvas, giving a piece the appearance of a hand painted piece of art. Only is this case, it is the design aesthetic of an artist combined with a computer that generates the final product.

However, it is not only the appearance that creates beauty when converting a photo to canvas but the texture of the piece itself. The woven texture of canvas brings added depth to any photograph or design making it richer and more alive.

Canvas prints are artistry at its finest. It does not matter if the result is an exquisite anniversary mosaic to present to a couple on their fiftieth wedding anniversary or a visual colour wash of identification for a company; canvas printing is a brilliant method of preservation and creation that will withstand the test of time.

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