Sunday, 8 August 2010

Canvas Prints - A little research will make the difference

A treasured picture for the home, an image of power for the boardroom or tranquility for the Hotel lobby. A stretched Canvas print can offer many solutions for very different situations and occasions.

The great advantage of the worldwide web is the accessibility to buy and acquire such items like bespoke Canvas framed art and pictures with great ease. The product will land at your door within days and can be hanging with pride on your wall within a matter of minutes. Like any purchase there are few points to remember and canvas prints are no different - quality, value and service.

The quality of the materials used will make a major difference to the printed image. Canvas material can come in varying styles, textures, thickness and weight. Digital inkjet canvas is normally available in matt, satin or gloss finishes. The style of the canvas material is down to personal taste but the coated satin and gloss material will offer an enhanced colour and brightness reproduction.

The thickness or weight of the canvas material is measured in gsm (gram per square meter). Ideally a canvas material gsm weight between 300gsm and 400gsm will offer suitable strength to avoid shrinking or expanding after being stretched on the frame.

There are many styles of stretcher bars available on the market but aim for pine bars which are hinged. This allow the frames to expand after the canvas print has been mounted, this means if your canvas ever goes saggy over time you can re-stretch it without having to take it off the frame

The final stage in the production of digital canvas is the application of lacquer. This will enhance the canvas. The lacquer should be applied with a spray gun and compressor to ensure an even coverage and finish like no other. Your photo to canvas will have the typical authentic look but a slight 'glisten' when the light catches it. So whether it's a treasured family portrait, wedding day memory, favourite holiday snap or dramatic landscape - if you do your research your photo to canvas will look as good for a lifetime as on the day it was framed.

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