Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Photo to Canvas - Designer Service

Photo to canvas designer service is a great way to take a cherished photograph and turn it into a spectacular piece of art for showcasing in your home. Canvas printing is more affordable than you think and it is as easy as clicking just a few buttons on a website.

Here are a few photo to canvas designer services available.

Black and White

Black and white canvas prints are always a hit on the walls. They transform a colour photo that is pleasing to the eye into a visual magnet. Photo to canvas prints tend to draw the eye quickly and black and white canvas prints are no exception. This type of designer service is often used for wedding and baby photos as this type of print has universal appeal and are greatly appreciated as gifts.


The artbrush look is another designer style that has wide appeal with people who enjoy quality artwork. Canvas printing of this style is de-saturated of colour and replaced with a soft brushwork look in a colour tint of your choice. Distracting backgrounds are removed so that the main focus of the photo is up front and center. This designer look is commonly sought by those who enjoy paintings on their walls that blend in with room furnishings.

Pop Art

This is a great designer look for those who are fashion conscious and enjoy making statements through the art placed on their walls. It's a bold and fun look that lends itself well to canvas printing. Whether shown by itself or in a grouping of canvas prints, pop art pieces always stand out and make themselves noticed. Even those who admit to not being art savvy often state that they enjoy art in this style.

Colour Wash

Another great designer look that attracts the eye to the central focal point is colour wash. This photo to canvas style is designed to bring out the main focus in vivid colour while the background is minimized by washing out the background's colour. This leaves a full bodied print that doesn't remove anything from the whole picture and yet effectively brings the eye's focus to the main point of the canvas. It makes a strong statement and is visually appealing to people who enjoy contrasts when looking at great art.

When shopping around for stores that can transform your photos to canvas, make sure you look for one that is able to provide designer services. Services such as the above and others like triptic, retro, tint wash, and colourize are what can make your favorite photo transform into a work of art you'll be proud to place on a wall in your home.

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